Muddy Mat Introduces Innovative Protective Mat Specially Engineered for Dog Lovers

July 22, 2024


Muddy Mat, a pet product company with a focus on home health and cleanliness, has engineered the perfect solution for pet parents struggling with unwanted dirt. The Muddy Mat Anti-Mud Mat is a durable floor mat that can be used indoors or outdoors to prevent filthy pets from tracking mud into the home and keep floors – and paws – as clean as can be. 

The Muddy Mat Anti-Mud Mat is a must-have for pet owners who love their pets but don’t love the mess they tend to bring in from outside. And unlike other options on the market, the Muddy Mat is uniquely designed to do more than just remove the bare minimum. Compared to normal doormats, the Muddy Mat soaks up 5x more dirt and water from paws, making it significantly more effective at protecting floors and furniture in the home. 

Additional features of the Muddy Mat that make it ideal for dog lovers include:

  • Machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Durable double stitching for long-term use
  • Low-profile microfiber
  • Non-slip backing
  • Effective at absorbing mud, dirt, grass, sand, snow, and more
  • Removes allergens and other contaminants

The Muddy Mat is available in five sizes and 11 contemporary colors. Pets will be instantly drawn to its cozy nanofibers, which can withstand bites, rips, and scratches in addition to dirt and grime. A low profile texture means the Muddy Mat can fit in front of most doors, and the mat is safe to use on all surfaces, including wood, marble, cement, and tile. It can also be used as soft absorbent bedding in a kennel, or placed under pet dishes to trap fallen food and water splashes. 

In addition to the bestselling Anti-Mud Mat, the Muddy Mat company offers a complete collection of other home cleaning products for pet owners. This includes the Puppy Pad by Muddy Mat, Cloud K-9 Dog Bed, and Doggy Dryer Shammy Towel made from the same absorbent material as the original Muddy Mat, as well as Rubber Scrubbers - Bathing & Grooming Gloves, Wizz - Natural Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator, and a customer-favorite hands-free Pooper Scooper. 

Sharing a home with pets shouldn’t mean giving up on a clean space. The Anti-Mud Mat and other Muddy Mat products allow pet owners to get the best of both worlds, providing a quick and easy way to keep unwanted contaminants at bay. And because it’s made for and by dog lovers, the Muddy Mat Anti-Mud Mat features everything needed to take the guesswork out of protecting home surfaces, with well-designed details that are meant to hold up to even the filthiest of furry friends. 

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About Muddy Mat

Muddy Mat is an innovator in the pet space, creating stylish products that help people keep their homes clean and their pets comfortable. Their best-selling product is the eponymous Muddy Mat, an anti-mud mat that traps dirt and allergens to protect floors, furniture, and other surfaces in the home. 

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