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Protect Your Floors and Furniture from Even the Friskiest Pups

Compared to Normal old doormats, Muddy Mat Soaks Up 5X More Dirt and Water from Paws

Watch How Muddy Mat Will Leave Your Old, Raggedy Mat in the Dirt

Muddy Mat will Trap All Types of Unwanted Debris From Paws and Shoes

Mud, Dirt, Grass, Sand, and More - See What Muddy Mat's Microfibers will Absorb

Finally, a Mat You Can Machine Wash Without Worrying

The Ultra-Durable Muddy Mat Can Be Cleaned in 3 Simple, Quick and Easy Steps.

Each Muddy Mat is Guaranteed to Last Years Protecting Your Floors

Bite, Rip, or Playing Tug-o-War, this Mat will Never Rip or Tear

Perfect for All Surfaces

Tile, Cement, Marble, or Wood, Muddy Mat Has Super Grip Technology which Firmly Keeps the Mat in Place

Muddy Mat is the Perfect Size to Keep Anywhere at home

In the Bathroom, Under the Doggy Door, or a Soft Bedding for the Kennel, Place your Muddy Mat Anywhere!

Stop Spending Hours Per Week Cleaning Up After Your Messy Eater

The Muddy Mat will trap any fallen kibble, and absorb All Water For a Quick and Easy Clean Up!

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