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Dog Mat

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Why Muddy Mat is Loved by Over
250,000 Happy Puppies!

Door Mats For Dogs
star rating
"Muddy Mat has been a lifesaver for my floors! My 2 dogs Jay and Ruby step on it once and their paws are completely clean!"
- Jamie V.
Dog Door Mat
star rating
I am never buying another door mat again since trying this one from muddy mat. They don't come with these crazy washing instructions and do a great job at making my life easier!
- Hannah T.
Dog Mat
star rating
I am in love with these doggy mats and shammies, I want my entire house covered in this chenille fluff. I have a few of the mats lying around, and I LOVE the doggy dryers for after a bath (sometimes even for myself)
- Sherry H.

Muddy Mat – The Only Dog Mat You’ll Need

Muddy Mat – The Only Dog Mat You’ll Need

Looking for a dog mat that actually protects your floors from wet and dirty paws? Muddy Mat is the solution for you! Our revolutionary mat uses absorbent nanofibers that collect moisture and debris 5 times more effectively than traditional door mats. This durable material is washer/dryer-safe and made to last. Available in 11 colors and 5 sizes, Muddy Mat is the last dog mat you’ll need to buy. 

How Big Are those Muddy Paws?

Muddy Mat has the quick & easy anti-mud solution for all paws big and small! Shop by size below!

Extra Large

Not Your Ordinary Dog Door Mat

Not Your Ordinary Dog Door Mat

Have you ever felt let down by a standard, store-bought dog door mat? 

Maybe the ground is wet, or maybe your furry friend simply scampers through a dirt patch – but when outside time is over, your dog still leaves a trail of paw prints on the floor even after crossing over the mat. Or maybe you dread the post-dinner kibble trail and splashes of water on your new flooring. Pet messes come in a lot of frustrating forms. Want to get rid of that stress? Muddy Mat is designed to keep your house cleaner and your head cooler.

The pet products you can purchase on our site are all about making life more convenient for you and more comfortable for your pet. From our soft, “liquid-proof” crate cushions to doggy dryer towels and more, the items we sell are engineered with both you and your pet in mind. Need a safe and effective odor-eliminating spray for your home? Wizz, our odor and pet stain remover, is just right for you.

The Muddy Mat

See Why Muddy Mat is The Number 1
Pet Rug


Best of the Best Door Mats for Pets

  • Super absorbent.
  • Low-profile.
  • Non-slip.
  • Economically priced.
  • Machine safe.
  • Multiple colors for any home interior. 

These are a few of the reasons we’re convinced you’ll love your Muddy Mat. Our door mats for dogs are a sure way to help protect your flooring and furniture from paw-borne dirt, moisture, and debris. Safeguard the appearance and longevity of your tiles, carpets, and sofas by adding our products to your home. Don’t you deserve to relax and leave the mop in the closet after your dogs run in from doing their business? Our goal is to make life a little bit easier in your house – whether you have two legs or four.

Get Your Paws on Muddy Mat Products Today

Ready to experience the Muddy Mat difference? Shop now or contact us if you have any questions. And don’t forget to check out our other pet products while you’re here! 


How big is Muddy Mat?

Muddy Mat comes in many sizes - Our most popular is the Medium Medium: 50 x 76 centimeters (19.685 x 30 inches) -- See the rest of our sizes by clicking Shop Now above!

Will Muddy Mat fit under my door?

Muddy Mat easily fits under most doors. It’s approximately three-tenths of an inch high. If you prefer the metric system, Muddy Mat is 2.6 cm high.

Does Muddy Mat Really absorb more than ordinary

Yes. Muddy Mat is made with ultra-absorbent microfibers that lock in dirt, dust, sand, and mud. It even absorbs more water, ice, and snow than ordinary doormats.
Plus, Muddy Mat has a special latex backing so that rainwater or other liquids don’t soak through it and damage your floors.

What are the cleaning instructions?

Muddy Mat is machine washable, but you should air dry it.

Does my order come with a tracking number?

Yes, all orders are shipped with a tracking number.

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