Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Muddy Mat Really absorb more than ordinary doormats?

Yes. Muddy Mat is made with ultra-absorbent microfibers that lock in dirt, dust, sand, and mud. It even absorbs more water, ice, and snow than ordinary doormats.

Plus, Muddy Mat has a special latex backing so that rainwater or other liquids don’t soak through it and damage your floors.


2. How big is Muddy Mat?

The Muddy Mat comes in several sizes to best fit your needs:

  • Small: 18x28 inches
  • Medium: 19x30 inches
  • Large: 24x35 inches
  • Runner: 24x60 inches
  • Monster: 35x60 inches


    3. Will Muddy Mat fit under my door?

    Muddy Mat easily fits under most doors. It’s approximately three-tenths of an inch high. If you prefer the metric system, Muddy Mat is 2.6 cm high.


    4. I have a big dog, how do I know that Muddy Mat won’t slide around whenever he runs on it?

    Muddy Mat was designed with big dogs (and large people) in mind. It has a special slip-resistant latex backing that securely grips the floor so that your mat stays put.


    5. Does Muddy Mat help people with allergies?

    Yes. Doctors always tell people with allergies to avoid their allergy triggers. Yet all allergy season long, we walk around outside and track pollen, ragweed, and other allergens into our homes.

    Muddy Mat removes these allergens right off of our shoes.


    6. What are the cleaning instructions?

    Muddy Mat is machine washable, but you should air dry it.


    7. Does Muddy Mat Shed on the Floor?

    No, Muddy Mat doesn’t shed on the floors.


    8. What does Muddy Mat feel like?

    While ordinary doormats tend to be rough and scratchy. Muddy Mat is soft on our feet and on your dogs’ paws.


    9. How long does shipping take?

    Our warehouses works diligently to fulfill orders within 24-48 hours. Our partner carriers ship and deliver within 5 business days up to a maximum of 15 business days depending on the country location.


    10. Does my order come with a tracking number?

    Yes, all orders are shipped with a tracking number. You will receive a Fulfillment Confirmation email to the email address used when the order was placed which contains your tracking number and tracking link once your order is prepared from our warehouse. Please check your inbox or spam folder.