How To Keep Your Dog From Tracking In Dirt with Muddy Mat

June 18, 2024

How To Keep Your Dog From Tracking In Dirt with Muddy Mat

Nothing is worse than scrubbing your floors each time your furry friend returns to the house. Keeping a tidy house means keeping a tidy pet, and that usually begins with their paws. From dirt and mud to grass stains and other nasty things, a lot can accumulate on your pet’s paws in a very short amount of time. Luckily, we have a solution! Here’s the easiest guide you’ll need to know how to keep your dog from tracking in dirt with Muddy Mat.

What Is A Muddy Mat?

We know what you’re thinking: “It sounds like all I need is any old dog mud mat, and my problem is solved.” Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case for every product. Many anti-mud mats for pets fail to rid your dog’s paws of filth and grime that can easily track into your home, even if they advertise to do so. Cheap materials, annoying washing routines, and poor durability can often send you on yet another trip to the pet store for a new rug. That shouldn’t be the case.

So what makes Muddy Mat different? Well, we’ve created the most absorbent dog mat on the market. Our mats help you protect your floors and furniture from even the friskiest pets through our high-quality materials and durable construction. Check out some of the key features that set us apart from other dog mud mat companies:

  1. 5x More Absorbent - Our anti-mud mats soak up five times more dirt and water from paws, and they do so in record time. You may have seen the viral videos of owners teaching their dogs how to wipe their paws like a human. Why do that when a few steps can get the job done? 
  2. Low Profile and Non-Slip Backing - Tired of reshaping your dog mat with your foot every time you open the door? Or having your door jam because of a bulge? With Muddy Mat, you’ll never have to worry about that since our dog mud mats fit under any door and won’t budge or slide when your furry companion jolts inside looking for a treat.
  3. Guaranteed to Last - We create our mats with durable stitching so they don’t fall apart after a few uses. Plus, if your dog gets hungry for a mat (trust us, it happens), our product won’t tear from gnawing or chewing. Now go fill its food bowl!
  4. Machine Safe - Ever find yourself Googling how to clean a dog mat? Want to never have to do it again? Our absorbent dog mats are washer- and dryer-friendly, allowing for quick cleanings on even the muddiest days.

How To Stop Dogs From Tracking In Dirt

Check out the Official Muddy Mat website to explore our various dog mud mats and other pet products to keep your home tidy and beautiful. Our Muddy Mats come in multiple colors to match your decor with ease. For additional information, please call us at (205) 857-3028.