Muddy Mat: The Best Pet Door Mat for Rainy Summer Days

June 18, 2024

Pet Door Mat

Picture this: it’s a rainy afternoon, and your energetic dog, Max, has just come in from his usual romp around the backyard and is standing on the old pet door mat you’ve owned for years, paws caked in mud and grime. Despite your best efforts to hold him there and towel him off, Max has managed to track muddy paw prints all over the freshly cleaned house, from the entryway to the kitchen to the – NO, BAD DOG! – living room couch. 

If you’re a pet owner, this scenario probably sounds familiar. As much as we love our furry friends, they can make it a constant struggle to keep your floors clean and dry. 

Enter the Muddy Mat

Designed specifically to tackle the challenges of muddy, wet summer paws, the Muddy Mat has proven to be a true game-changer for pet owners ready to put the mop down! In this blog, we’ll give you five reasons why the Muddy Mat is the best pet door mat on the market!

5 Reasons the Muddy Mat is the Best Pet Door Mat

  1. 5x More Absorbent – The Muddy Mat is not just luxurious; it’s made from ultra-absorbent nanofibers that trap mud and absorb 5x more water than traditional door mats for dogs.
  2. Low Profile –You can literally place the Muddy Mat anywhere your pet goes – in the bathroom, the kitchen, under any entrance door, and even use it as soft bedding for the kennel!
  3. Traps Water and Dirt – Plain and simple, the Muddy Mat traps water and dirt like nobody’s business and is a must-own if you want to keep dirt, moisture, and muddy paw prints off your floor tiles, carpets, rugs, and sofas.
  4. Non-Slip Backing – Specially designed for pets big or small, the Muddy Mat features non-slip backing that allows it to be placed anywhere, including tile floors, outdoor deck and patios, and even inside a camper or RV!
  5. Machine Safe – After trapping all that mud and water, your Muddy Mat is easy to clean in just three simple steps:
  • Fold in half
  • Wash on cold in a spin cycle
  • Dry on low heat or hang outside in the sun for 1 hour to air dry

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the best door mat for rain, you can stop your search – the Muddy Mat is quite simply the most effective pet door mat on the market. 

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